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Keeping Taxes Low

Continuing to make Florida one of the most competitive states for businesses to expand and relocate.


Job Growth

Addressing infrastructure needs in rural communities, and advocating for free-market principles that keep the government out of your pocketbook.


Bringing more advanced academic options to rural communities to give students better opportunities for high achievement, and exploring career readiness education programs that give non-college bound students an option to learn a trade or skill that can translate into an available job opportunity providing a livable wage.

School Bus & Children


Exploring funding options for research and development, marketing, and cost-sharing programs, looking at outdated regulations and policies that favor large scale agriculture operations at the expense of the small farmers, and addressing water quantity issues so that farming and rural communities will not have to expend valuable time and energy to compete for limited water resources.


Exploring ways to address the unique issues facing veterans in rural communities, starting with the lack of transitional housing resources available to veterans.

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